Kris Meeke

A letter from Kris

Monday, 13th March 2017 - by Kris Meeke
A letter from Kris

Hello everyone.

I’m on my way back from Mexico as I write this – after an amazing event with a pretty crazy finish.

You’re no doubt aware by now what happened on the last stage, so it’s hard for me to add any more to what’s already been said. We were in the hands of the gods, that’s for sure, but we got away with it. As I said at the finish line, I was a lucky, lucky boy.

Still, if you take away that drama, then you’re left with the result and, perhaps even more importantly, the performance. Because this was the weekend when we finally showed the true potential of the C3 WRC. The difficulties in Monte and Sweden were so frustrating for everyone in the team because we knew, deep down, that we’d done a good job developing the car. And yet we couldn’t show it.

But in Mexico we were finally able to show front-running pace; we demonstrated that the car is competitive and that gives us all something for the future.

Then there’s the event itself; if someone had asked me at the start of the season which rally would be my hardest of the year, I’d probably have said Mexico. I’ve only done it a couple of times before and these are stages that I haven’t really enjoyed in the past; they’re slippery and really, really tricky.

Yet over the weekend we were able to manage it, and we ran at the front throughout. Okay, we had good road conditions for Friday but the problems with the delays meant that half of that leg was cancelled anyway. And then we were running right with Sebastien Ogier, head to head and with equal road position. That was really satisfying.

And then there was the finish – that last stage. Well, it was a bit of a blip, huh? That’s life. And I tend to not do things the easy way. We’ll put that one in the pocket, keep our heads up and concentrate on Corsica.

Thanks, as always, for your support.