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Kris saves tyres in Monte shakedown

Wednesday, 18th January 2017 - by Site Admin
Kris saves tyres in Monte shakedown

Kris and Citroen Racing have adopted a cautious approach to the opening shakedown of the 2017 season on Rallye Monte Carlo, electing to save their best tyres for the competitive action instead of chasing confirmation of performance on the short pre-event test.

Crews are allowed a maximum of 43 tyres during the whole rally weekend, from an overall allocation of 80. The mix includes 20 soft and 24 super-soft asphalt tyres that are unlikely to be ideal for the expected wintry conditions. Kris and his Citroen team decided to use some of these tyres today, so they’ll start the rally tomorrow with the full selection of 12 snow tyres and 24 studded tyres at their disposal.

As a result, Kris’s best time was around 20 seconds off the pace – but he was satisfied to keep his focus on the rally ahead.

‘Beyond just confirming that the car works, there wasn’t much to gain today,’ said Kris. ‘We decided to compromise shakedown to make sure we have all of the winter tyres that we can possibly have, just because the recce has shown conditions to be incredibly tricky.

‘It’s going to be a classic Monte in that respect,’ he added, ‘and we just wanted to have the best options available to us when the rally begins. The shakedown stage was snowy and icy so we took our time and just got through it. We didn’t learn as much as we often do, but we wanted to have everything in our pocket for the event.’

The Rallye Monte Carlo starts with a couple of stages tomorrow evening (Thursday), followed by two solid days of action on Friday and Saturday and then a shortened schedule on Sunday morning.