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A letter from Kris

Sunday, 15th November 2015 - by Site Admin
A letter from Kris

Hi everybody,

I’m sitting here in the DS 3 WRC waiting to go over the finish ramp at the end of Rally GB – the end of the 2015 season – so I thought I’d shout some thoughts down the phone to my web team so we can try to put this weekend into context. I remember doing this after the win in Argentina; well, a podium on my home rally is probably as good a reason as any to do it again.

And what can be said of Wales Rally GB? Well, I think this was actually one of my strongest performances to date, probably even including Argentina. In Argentina all of the VWs hit trouble, so it was a victory of sorts, but in terms of strength of performance and consistency throughout the weekend, this was one of my best yet.

I’m really happy. I had a strong weekend and the team was able to secure second place in the manufacturer’s title, which was important for them.

I want to thank all of the spectators – not just the home fans, who were incredible, but anyone who stood out in the rain (and that goes for the officials as well). There was an incredible atmosphere about the event; even inside the car, you do get that real feeling of it being a classic. The conditions were incredibly challenging; I know that’s not something new for Rally GB, but this weekend in particular the rain never seemed to stop. It came in sideways at times, like only Wales knows how, but the fans were still there with the flags, banners and air horns and it was a fantastic experience for Paul and I. You can feel it in the car, believe me.

The DS 3 WRC ran faultlessly and gave me good confidence, and it all went well. I’m delighted to get a podium finish on my home rally – the first local guy there since Richard Burns, I’ve been told – and it’s actually the first time I’ve ever finished second, so that’s another box ticked.

So that’s the end, then, of the 2015 season – another year with highs and lows, but some incredible moments that I will never forget. I suppose you’re wanting me to say something about 2016 – but we’ll just have to wait and see about next year. I know I joked at the finish line of the last stage that my garden needs a bit of attention at home, but that’s not a case of me wanting to say nothing; it’s just that at the moment there’s no news. As soon as we have something to report, I’ll be back in touch.

Best regards,